Divine Exquisite Nature

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  • New Patient Package
  • 15 Min Consultation
  • Gallon Detox Cleanse
  • Dry Brushing/Wrap And Go‼️
  • 3 Sess Lipo And Skin Tightening
  • 6 Sessions Lipo & RF Skin Tightenin
  • 3  Wood Therapy And Brizillian Hand
  • 12 Sessions Of Wood Therapy
  • 20 Mins Sauna Blanket
  • 3 Vaccum Butt Therapy
  • 6 Butt Enhancement Sessions
  • Bridal Party Package For 6
    Wedding Party of 6 with each receiving 2 sessions and the option to add more for an additional discount upon scheduling
  • Full Body 3 Sessions Wood Therapy
  • Full Body Lipo And RF Tightening
  • Sauna Blanket
  • Thighs Lipo,RF And Wood Red light
    3 45 Min Sessions Front and Back of Thighs fat Burning, tightening and wood Therapy
  • Vaginal Steaming
  • Vibration Plate
    10 mins equals 1 hour workout in the gym in As little as 10 minutes a day on a vibration plate can help you achieve your weight loss goals. A vibration plate turns up the intensity of your normal workout, it boosts your metabolism so you'll burn fat at a higher rate.
  • Waist Trainers
  • 60 Min Brizillian Hand Therapy
  • Fat Blaster 2.0
    Payment plan available
  • Pudge Eraser
    Payment Plan Available
  • Training Course without Machine
  • Training With Machine
    Training Course Certification with Machine
  • Mix Or Match
  • Monday Flash Sale
  • Energy Booster
  • March Madness
    Week Weight Check In, Session, Wrap